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Custom Supplements with and without CBD

We develop one of a kind supplements just for your dog or cat based on their specific needs.  We take everything into consideration; their age, breed, weight, their current ailments and allergies.  We will also work with your vet or follow their recommendations to make the most individualized, all-in-one supplement possible!


Real Healthy Pet Food. Like, FOR REAL this time!

Pets shouldn't eat what they have a hard time digesting, right?  That's just common sense!  So why is it that most pet foods out there are filled with starches and some of the most starchy veggies available like peas and carrots? I don't know! Probably because "Thats just how its always been," but its certainly not the scientific answer you'd expect to hear like, "It gives them the essential vitamins they can't live without," because that would be INCORRECT!  They CAN live without starches and they should!  Why?  Here's a not-so-quick breakdown.  We'll go into more detail later. 

1. FACT! Carbs cause obesity and 40% of dogs in the US are overweight. Obesity is directly linked to diabetes in dogs and cancer. Conditions like these including others are exacerbated by eating too many carbs in people and pets.

2. FACT! A condition that KILLS cells throughout the body and brain, is a precursor to Diabetes, called Syndrome X.  It is made worse by eating too many carbs and is the cause of many degenerative diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimers and finally to the 4th stage of canine obesity, Diabetes.

#3 FACT! Cutting out carbs and starches can reduce and even eliminate yeast and fungal infections, black skin disease, allergy symptoms and slow the progression of many other diseases and cancers.

#4 FACT! Dogs are mostly carnivores and Cats are just FULL ON carnivores.  Why the haystack did anyone ever decide to add a potato and rice to pet food! To save money folks! But they had the world believing this was the right diet and no one really questioned it until the last decade and a half or so!  We know better now though right??? One would hope!

Gable in the FTB formula lab

Contact us to discuss the development of your pets very own all in one supplement!

Easy all-in-one supplements makes keeping your pet healthy, simple! The magnetic scoop on the lid ensures you won't be digging around looking for it every time you need it! Phew. I SOOOO did NOT enjoy that aspect about using powdered supplements! 

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