Farm to Bowl and Other Products We Approve Of!

Pay with Venmo @farmtobowl and 1% of your purchase will be donated to Free Love Animal Rescue

Free Love Animal Rescue helps:

  • other rescue organizations and independent rescuers around the world. Some of our favorite rescues are Hope for Paws & Smashface Rescue here in LA. 
  • Free Love aims to sponsor sick or at risk pets in need of a healthy raw diet at a affordable price or even free. 
  • We sponsor, educate and advocate for the importance of spaying and neutering pets, which helps reduce the amount of homeless dogs and cats. 
  • Science says that dogs and cats are mostly carnivorous and need to eat meat. However other animals shouldn’t have to suffer a factory farmed and slaughtered life just so our pets can thrive. We want to be apart of a solution that allows our pets to eat species appropriate diets that were gratefully and respectfully sourced from the animals we and they eat.